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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Slapdash Mosaic Monday

I must apologize to the three or so people who read my blog. The past week or so have been endlessly wonderful, but have left little room for important things like blogging...and writing my senior thesis.

And today my wonderful friend Katie is coming to stay for a few days (yeah!), so I won't be back to normal blogging for a bit because we will be busy eating scones and watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (and maybe Downton Abbey AKA my lifeblood at the moment).

I thought I'd do a proper New Year's post with resolutions and what not, but I never make resolutions. I just...can't. I forget what they are within a week, even if I write them down. I mean, I do have a list of things I try to work toward (towards? really must look that up again) every day, but that's more of a "be a decent human being" list than anything else and I try to keep it up year round instead of just the first week of January!

So instead, how about I ring in the new year with a collage of my cat? Because who doesn't love a giant, grumpy cat partaking in Christmas cheer?

For some reason, Big Boy (perfect name for an 18lb Maine Coon, let's be real), the Boo Radley of our household, decided he loves Christmas so much he can't stand it. He got right into all the ribbons and wrappings and didn't move until present time was over. Bless.

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  1. Surely you get more than 3 viewers to your lovely blog. I love the kitcats...tooo cute. happy New Year~


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