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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I really should be writing a paper on directors who've helped shaped modern European opera...but instead I'm playing on Polyvore creating outfits that will never fall into my price range.

Polyvore is such a time suck. I've wasted hours on there sifting through their database of shoes, dresses, skirts, and accessories galore. It's like virtual dress up, except it usually ends with me realizing I'll never be able to afford 80% of the clothing on that website...and I have no natural flair for accessorizing.

However, in an ideal world, I'd waltz into the library in this frumpy-chic outfit and crank out a 16 page paper in under five hours. Instead, I'm sitting in my room eating rosquillas and planning an imaginary study outfit instead of actually getting work done.


The sweater is from Chinti and Parker and costs... $545 (I weep.)

The only thing out of this outfit I could afford are the darling bird socks from Topshop ($6). However, if there's anything in this outfit I absolutely love, its the Betsey Johnson cat earrings. I've got a black cat (appropriately named Boo! -- exclamation point included), and those earrings are just calling to me. I need them and they need me. 

And that is the most cat-ladyish thing I've written in quite a while. 


  1. You should look for the Betsey J. cat earrings on Ebay. I've gotten a ton of her jewelry from there really cheap. I love that sweater too. Why is it so expensive!?! Is it made of gold or something!?

  2. I don't know but I'm distraught (and by distraught I mean mildly put out). I'm hoping Forever 21 will come out with a similar version since they love making sweaters with stars on them. and I'm going to check Ebay right now! Just what I need...another way to procrastinate. Thanks for the tip, though!


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